About us

Dakot was established in 1995 to manufacture high-tech ceramics for specialised applications. In 2007 it diversified into the production of ceramic micro-milling media. The company has positioned itself as one of the world leaders in the large scale production of toughened alumina and zirconia grinding media. The manufacturing processes are based on four decades of specialised knowledge, ongoing R&D and practical experience in the field of technical ceramics.
Using modern forming technology to manufacture wear resistant products to extend the life of your equipment and keep your system at a maximum operational level. Specially formed products offer tough, wear-resistant protection that can withstand the most extreme abrasive environments.


  • Apply state of the art manufacturing methods and process controls;
  • Focus on research and development - it is not difficult to be the best, but to remain the best requires continuous innovation and improvement;
  • Be competitive and profitable by implementing innovative processes and products in a fast and flexible manner and by improving existing processes and products;
  • Maintain customer focus by understanding their needs and offering the most cost effective solution;
  • Invest in continuous training and development of our most important assets, our people;
  • Take our responsibility for the environment seriously and invest in preserving it for future generations.



  • Strive to be the best at what we do in the field of wear ceramics;
  • Be the first choice supplier with price and quality through constant product innovation;
  • Serve our customers by understanding their needs and challenges;
  • Reach national goals by economic and social improvement in South Africa; and
  • Care for and improve our environment for future generations.



It is imperative that the quality of wear resistant products meets and exceeds our customer requirements at competitive prices. To ensure that the specification and quality can be met on a consistent basis, every individual in the production chain is required to follow existing procedures and policies.
Quality control and assurance through the production processes are inherent to the manufacturing process. The quality specifications for “work-in-progress” and final product testing are strictly controlled.
Work-in-progress has defined criteria that need to be achieved before the processed material can move on to the next stage in the production process. It is for this purpose that a fully equipped Quality Control Laboratory runs in conjunction with the production process.
Each batch of final product is subjected to stringent testing, specific to the product by taking the needs of our customer into account.
We are committed to continuous improvement and product enhancement through innovation and the improvement of the quality processes. This is intended to benefit the needs of the customer with regards to service and product quality.