Dakot Wear Solutions

Dakot Wear Solutions

Dakot specialises in providing wear solutions that can extend the life of equipment and maintain systems at optimal operational levels. 

The industrial workhorse and most frequently specified wear material is DM92, EcoTuf and TruTuf range.

All raw materials are synthesized in-house.  Products are engineered to suit the customer’s budget and needs. The products offer excellent mechanical properties including mechanical strength and abrasion resistance.

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Our Quality

To ensure that the specification and quality can be met on a consistent basis, every step in the production line is strictly monitored and existing procedures followed. Quality control and assurance throughout the production processes are inherent to the manufacturing process. The quality for “work-in-progress” and final product testing are strictly controlled.

Work-in-progress has defined criteria that need to be achieved before the processed material can move on to the next stage in the process. It is for this purpose that an equipped Quality Control laboratory runs in conjunction with the production process.

Each batch of final product is subjected to stringent testing, specific to the product and takes the needs of our customer into account.

We are committed to continuous improvement and product enhancement through innovation and the improvement of the quality processes. This is intended to benefit the needs of the customer with regards to service and product quality.

Our range of Wear Resistant Products

In some aggressive wear applications, conventional alumina ceramics are just not good enough.

Dakot Wear Ceramics can solve this problem with an exciting new product range.

Zirconia Toughened Alumina (EcoTuf & TruTuf) has high mechanical strength, excellent abrasive resistance and superior fracture toughness.

The affordability of these products makes it feasible for it to be used in larger installations, e.g. wear resistant linings of chutes, pipes and mill linings. Products include the full range of pressed and engineered wear components.

Different uses for DAKOT Wear Ceramics and available products

Standard Tiles

Well manufactured high alumina ceramic-lined products made from fine grain, high purity, alumina can be formed in a variety of pre-engineered standard and custom sizes, shapes and uses. High alumina ceramic exhibits abrasion, corrosion, electrical, chemical, and erosion resistance.  


Chutes/hoppers, classifier cones, cyclone separators, elbows, fan housings and blades, lined piping, nozzles and wear panels.

Engineered Products

Mechanical abrasion and wear are common occurrences and inevitable in the transport of abrasive materials by means of hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Choosing the correct material and design are essential for the optimal life expectancy of equipment.


Valves, spigots, diffusers, nozzles, bushes, bearings, regulators and slide rails.

Special Shapes

General wear parts are most often needed in the day-to-day operations in production plants or engineering workshops. Correctly selected parts from a ceramic point of view will increase the life expectancy of certain parts and systems.


Protective sleeves and tubing, guides and guide rollers, screens and extruder parts.

Epoxy Filler

Micro Ceramic Beads for Filler in Wear Epoxy

The DAKOT cast ceramic beads, DA92 or EcoTuf, produces a superior quality wear epoxy. Available in 25kg containers or 1 ton bags.

Advantages include:

• Superior quality ceramic formulation and unique forming method.
• Sizes available:

  • 0.5 mm to 1.0 mm;
  • 1.0 mm to 1.5 mm;
  • 1.5 mm to 2.0 mm;
  • 2.0 mm to 2.5 mm

• The packing of the ceramic in the epoxy can be optimized.
• Beads are 'off round' for better attachment with the epoxy.

Wear Linings

Ceramic compound lining plate consists of high alumina ceramics tiles and rubber. By embedding the ceramic tiles onto the rubber greatly affects factors such as impact, abrasion, and noise. It is also possible to achieve some impact resistance which will prevent the tiles from cracking in areas of high impact.


• Excellent resistance to high abrasion

• Excellent fracture toughness – impact resistant

• Higher hardness than chrome-plated steel at all temperature

Wear Ceramic Specification Documents


Ultra-fine grind Alumina

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Blended Zirconia toughened Alumina

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Zirconia toughened Alumina

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